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02N23B_Shadow_Religion_and_the_Guilt 12:32:26Craig DobbieShadow Religion & The Guilty C2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchHebrews 9-10Hebrews, part 4 of a0:30:51 18M11
00C14B_The_Reality_of_God's_Judgemen 4.503.10.07 17:36:02Andrew HeardThe Reality Of God's Judgement2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchExodus 21:2-21, Exodus, part 4 o0:33:26 18M11
00C16A_Trials-Our_Response.mp3 5.703.10.07 17:26:00Criag DobbieTrials - Our Response2000Central Coast Evangelical ChurchJames 1:1-18James, part 1 in a s
FRED THE EVANGELICAL PILOT.mp3 1.702.06.15 13:29:490:01:52128S44
20030713.mp3 06:55:58Chris ButaudFidelity - Jul 13, 2003Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi0:52:20
Psalm 115.mp3 3.603.03.19 23:12:17Keith Birchley2003Evangelical StudentsNone0:30:21
Psalm 114.mp3 08:40:06Keith Birchley2003Evangelical StudentsNone0:26:53
20030921.mp3 7.503.09.22 07:41:05Dave HatcherReformation And Revival PreachEastside Evangelical Fellowship1:02:46
The Missing Evangelical Sermon - Mik25.802.05.08 17:26:08Mike WilshireThe Missing Evangelical SermonAlbumNone0:35:56 96S44
20030810.mp3 06:56:39Jerry OwenJonah - Aug 13, 2003Eastside Evangelical FellowshipNone0:43:37
00C16B_A_Challenge_to_Listen_and_Do. 4.903.10.07 17:13:11Andrew HeardA Challenge To Listen And Do2000Central Coast Evangelical ChurchJames 1:19-27,James, part 2 in a0:36:29 18M11
20021013.mp3 7.602.10.21 17:38:14Dave HatcherChristian Liberty - Oct 13, 20Eastside Evangelical Fellowship1:02:34
20021229.mp3 8.302.12.30 21:14:32Dave HatcherApologetics For Your Own SoulEastside Evangelical Fellowshi
The Evangelical Song.mp3 2.402.03.06 04:23:18Larry Smith And Ru Drisi"The Evangelical Song"2002Joyful NoisePraise God!www.HeartsofMus0:02:35128S44
02C21B_History_looks_forward_to_him. 4.403.10.08 11:55:25Andrew HeardHistory Looks Forward To Him2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchMatthew 1:15-25, Matthew - part0:32:47 18M11
20030615.mp3 08:59:37Chris ButaudFather's Day 2003 - June 15, 2Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi0:51:10
20030216.mp3 7.603.02.26 19:43:39Brett BakerBiblical Fear - Feb 16, 2003Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi1:04:05
20030622.mp3 6.803.06.30 09:09:42Brett BakerProvidential Provision - Jun 2Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi0:56:50
20021020.mp3 6.602.10.21 06:14:07Doug WilsonPsalm XIII - Oct 20, 2002Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi
20020901.mp3 7.802.09.06 17:57:15Dave HatcherPreparing For A Public Feast -Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi
Im_a_choice_not_a_child.mp3 2.803.01.21 06:23:11Steve BargerI'm A Choice, Not A Child (SafBorn and bred in the evangelical
20021110.mp3 17:05:16Dave Hatcher 3.6 - Nov 10, 20Judges 2.14 - 3.6 - Nov 10, 20Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi
20031214.mp3 7.503.12.15 00:41:53Dave HatcherPrepare Ye The Way Of The LordEastside Evangelical Fellowshi1:03:07
02N25B_God_of_more_than_one_dimensio 2.903.10.08 13:06:01Andrew HeardGod Of More Than One Dimension2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchHebrews 12Hebrews, part 8 in a s0:21:32 18M11
02N22A_Assurance_of_Salvation.mp315.103.05.04 07:57:29Andrew HeardAssurance Of Salvation2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchHebrews 5:11-6:12,Hebrews, part0:31:30 64S22
02C21B_History_looks_forward_to_him.26.503.05.04 06:25:39Andrew HeardJesus - History Looks Forward2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchMatthew 1Matthew, part 1 in a se0:36:53 96S22
02C03A_Contentment-The_Heart_of_the_ 4.303.10.08 11:43:44Andrew HeardContentment - The Heart Of The2002Central Coast Evangelical Church1 Corinthians0:32:03 18M11
02N26A_A_Final_Word_to_Persevere.mp311.403.05.05 19:27:32Andrew HeardA Final Word To Persevere2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchHebrews 13,Hebrews, part 9 in a0:23:51 64S22
02C02B_Contentment-The_Heart_of_the_25.103.10.19 15:52:50Andrew HeardContentment - The Heart Of The2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchPhilippians 4:1-100:34:51 96M22
03C02A_How_can_we_ever_get_right.mp324.003.06.10 03:04:39Craig DobbieHow Can We Ever Get It Right?2003Central Coast Evangelical ChurchJohn 8:31-410:33:23 96M22
02C21A_The_God_of_Happy_Endings.mp3 11:25:02Andrew HeardThe God Of Happy Endings2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchRuth 4,Ruth, part 3 in series of0:31:37 18M11
02N26B_Glory_and_Humility.mp317.203.05.05 22:10:14Craig DobbieGlory And Humility2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchMatthew 1:18-250:35:54 64S22
00C13B_The_Tabernacle_of_God.mp3 4.503.10.07 17:55:34Andrew HeardThe Tabernacle Of God2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchExodus 24-26, Exodus, part 2 in0:33:50 18M11
20021215.mp3 07:43:38Dave HatcherBut Who May AbideEastside Evangelical Fellowshi
C3-03.mp3 9.303.09.18 21:57:03Joel BeekeThe Canaanite Woman - Great Fa2003Aber 2003(c) Evangelical Move
20030420.mp3 6.303.04.25 06:04:48Dave HatcherResurrection Made Personal - AEastside Evangelical Fellowshi0:52:40
20021222.mp3 5.302.12.26 19:18:41Dave HatcherThe Christmas Tree - Dec 22, 2Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi
BRM_2002_11_30.mp3 23:38:48Kim HawtreyGuys Who Save Lives (guys With2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchBRM Mens Breakfast0:38:01 18M11
02C04B_The_Gospel_Backdrop.mp3 4.903.10.07 19:58:02Andrew HeardThe Gospel Backdrop2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchRomans Series. Text: Romans 1:180:36:51 18M11
01C19A_Belonging_Gods_purpose_for_us19.203.10.12 14:01:50Andrew HeardBelonging - God's Purpose For2001Central Coast Evangelical ChurchPurpose, Ephesians 2, # 3 of0:40:00 64S22
20030518.mp3 6.603.05.19 05:04:23Dave HatcherJudges 19 - May 18, 2003Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi0:55:00
00C20A_Baptism.mp3 5.503.10.07 16:40:17Andrew HeardBaptism2000Central Coast Evangelical Churchpart 1 in a series of 2 sermonsw0:41:16 18M11
20030413.mp3 6.803.04.14 21:02:15Dave HatcherJudges 15 - Apr 13,2003Eastside Evangelical Fellowship0:57:10
02C02A_Hope-The_heart_of_the_Bibles_ 22:07:59Andrew HeardHope - The Heart Of The Bible'2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchText: Romans 8:18-25, Date: 20th0:30:25 18M11
C6-03.mp3 16:48:57Stephen ReesFlee From The WrathAber 2003(c) Evangelical Move
C7-03.mp3 7.403.10.01 17:05:38Peter MilsonBelieve In The Lord JesusAber 2003(c) Evangelical Move
02C21A_The_God_of_Happy_Endings.mp317.003.05.04 03:47:43Andrew HeardThe God Of Happy Endings2002Central Coast Evangelical ChurchRuth 4,Ruth, part 3 in a series0:35:34 64S22
20030202.mp3 6.903.02.05 22:54:48Dave HatcherJudges 8:33 - 9:57 - Feb 2, 20Eastside Evangelical Fellowshi
00C18A_James_Series.mp321.303.10.12 14:46:27Mike BurgessJames Series2000Central Coast Evangelical ChurchJames 3:13-4:12, # 5 of 60:44:23 64S22
00C13A_Meet_Your_Redeemer.mp316.403.10.19 11:35:51Andrew HeardMeet Your Redeemer2000Central Coast Evangelical ChurchExodus 19-20Exodus, part 6 in a0:34:16 64S22